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Fashion: A Form of Expression

 Why Can’t i wear my hat in class?

School is back in swing, and that means “school appropriate clothing”!

 Dixon High is no different from other elementary, middle, and high schools across the country in that it requires its students to abide by a dress code. But is there really any point in this? Students still wear clothing prohibited by our dress code, breaking it, and the only thing it really does is inconvenience us when we’re forced to go and change into spare PE clothes. The way we dress is a form of expression, particularly in these formative years when students spend their time trying to figure out who they really are, and what it is that they want out of life. Exactly how does what we wear relate to disruption of the classroom environment or safety? And it seems as though girls are the only ones who ever are busted for breaking dress code, despite the fact that both girls and boys do.

 To find out opinions on the dress code, what feelings would be if we had to start wearing uniforms, and what people think of clothing as a form of personal expression, I interviewed Jessica French, a sophomore here at Dixon High School.

 Me: “What’s your opinion on the dress code?”

Jessica: “I think it’s silly that we can’t wear everyday things like short shorts and tank tops. What exactly are they trying to hide us from?

 Me: “Do you think it’s too strict? Or not strict enough?”

Jessica: “Ha! Too strict. It’s crazy how strict it is. BUT, on the other hand, it’s barely enforced. I wear short shorts and I’ve only been told to change once. Nobody checks anymore. I don’t really mind that much, because we get away with most things anyway.

 Me: “If we were to start wearing uniforms, what would you say? Do you think it would change anything, or would people alter their uniforms?”

Jessica: She gasps. “I’d be angry if we had to wear uniforms. I mean, that’d make us look like snobs, we’d have to pay outrageous prices; and then what’s the point of buying a cute shirt at the mall if you couldn’t show it off? I know the uniforms would change from year to year, because Dixon High can’t make up their minds about anything. And the girls (not naming anyone), would find any excuse they could to make it inappropriate.”

 Me: “Why would you be so upset? Is it because you consider the way you dress a form of personal expression?”

Jessica: “I’d be so upset because I don’t like that everyone would be exactly the same. There are people, and their clothes are their labels. Not saying that all the people who wear blue shirts are nice, but all the nice people wear the blue shirt. Get it? So when I meet someone, and they wear the blue shirt, I’d like to think they’re nice until they prove me wrong. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you take off everyone’s labels then it’s trying to make us all act the same. Besides, what harm does personal expression, have on us?”

 And there you have it. I believe I speak for most of the student body population when I say that being forced to wear uniforms would take away our personal expression. However, we should keep in mind that life would be made a lot easier for us, if we could follow the dress code, and then we wouldn’t have to be told to go and change.