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The Meaning of The Big Win

Today I interviewed some of the players from the Dixon High School soccer team which had won the 2010-11 San Joaquin section title. I was wondering what it meant to them to have accomplished this so I went ahead and asked them this question “what does winning the section title and being TOC Champs mean to you?” and this it what they said :

Jonathan Torres (captain): “It means the world to me to be able to lead the team to a championship and was able to accomplish this with my friends.”

Hans Roteevel: “It keeps the tradition of DHS soccer here in Dixon and shows why it is so valued in the community. I still can’t believe we won and am grateful for my team.”

Eduardo Ramirez: “It means a lot to me because we have all been waiting for this moment to happen since middle school and it finally happened! We are also one of the 7 teams that have won the section title.”

Nano: “winning the TOC is like winning the world cup. Everybody told us since we were kids that we were going to win everything and it came true. Yes! I cried and I think that shows how bad I wanted the title.”

Alex Figueroa: “winning the TOC is a very great achievement. It’s very special to me because not only have my brother and I won it but so did my father. It was also very great moment for me due to the fact that I got to be captain for the championship game.”

Andrew Rodriguez: “Winning the TOC section feels good because I won and got to play with my friends and it felt like we were younger and winning a championship together.”

As you can see, these boys are totally grateful and happy for this accomplishment.

I was also a part of the champion team and I have to say it feels so amazing to be able to share this feeling with all of my friends on the team. This win will go in the history books of Dixon High. This has been the greatest accomplishment in my life and I am grateful for it. All of  that has happened will be stories I will tell my kids and hopefully they will have a chance to be in the same situation.