The Lady Rams get an ugly win over Clear Lake in opener of Colusa Tournament

The Lady Rams, after their successful victory over Vacaville Christian, barely got a win over the Clear Lake Cardinals 39-35. The Rams didn’t shoot the ball well at all, shooting 13 for 71 from the field. The Rams didn’t execute the necessary shots, and struggled to score against the very bad Clear Lake team. They then played the Wheatland Pirates next in the tournament.

The Rams came out right away, shooting countless shots. All of them were good looks at the basket. However, the Rams couldn’t get any of them to connect, and struggled to score. Opening up the lead against

the Cardinals, the Rams would end the first quarter only up 10 to 7.

Unfortunately, in the second quarter the Rams came out just as sluggish and unready as they were in the first quarter. They struggled to work their offense, and continued to not execute open looks at the basket. The Rams would only score 5 points in the second quarter, leaving them with a 5 point lead going into halftime up 15-10.

The Rams were not working as a unit. Instead of running their offense, they were putting up desperate shots. The Rams’ lead would shrink by two as they barely kept the lead ending the third quarter up 22-21.

The Rams’ lulls continued in the fourth quarter so badly that they lost the lead. At the 4:30 mark, they were down 29-25. The Rams fought back with a few big baskets and suddenly moved ahead. The Rams would go on a 15-2 run, extending their lead 39-31. The Rams were finally able to finish off the Cardinals to go on to win 39-35.

Despite their overall disappointing performance, a few players performed admirably. The Rams’ sophomore point guard, Rebecca Immell, led the Rams with 8 points. She had 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, and 1 block. The rams were 3 for 14 from the three and 10 for 60 from the the rest of the field. The Rams’ inability to make shots created a rough game, despite Clear Lake’s weakness as a team.

The Rams really need to improve their shooting. They may be able to score against a weak team, but when tough competition comes, the Rams won’t have what it takes.