Rams lose a heartbreaker on Senior Night

The Dixon Rams have a crushing loss on Senior Night do to the Lindhurst last second 3 point shot to take the lead with the game winner. This devastating shot lost the Rams their senior night game 64 to 63. The Rams were absolutely devastated after puting up such a tough fight against the fifth ranked Lindhurst Blazers. The Rams worked hard and played hard in this game, but fell short despite controlling the bulk of the game.

This was a very back and fourth game between the Blazers and the Rams. Someone had to come out on top, though, and this time it was the Blazers. The Rams carried many leads on their way to the end of the game. On their senior night, the Rams really wanted this win.

The Rams, just like the final, played tight with the Blazers for all of the first quarter. Though the Blazers took the early lead, the Rams stayed right there with the Blazers and climbed their way into the game. The Rams would hit a three from senior, Alfonzo Hernandez, to pull it within one against the Blazers to end the first quarter down 18 to 19.

The Rams in the second quarter came right out and took the lead off of a Jakob Moraes basket to take the lead 20 to 19. The Blazers, though, would come right back and take back the lead, but this didn’t deter the Rams as they came right back with a basket of their own to take the lead back 35 to 33. Though the Rams took back the lead, the Blazers would come right out and tie the game up with two free throws from Lindhurt’s James Truiillo. The Rams, with great determination, took the lead back with a Alfonzo Hernandez basket, finishing off the half up 39 to 37.

The Rams really were working hard to get this win against the Blazers, but this game was far from over- the Blazers would come out immediately and tie the game up at 39 to 39. The Rams would come out and take the lead right back off of a Jake Moraes jump shot to take back the lead 41 to 39. The Rams would maintain the lead for the majority of the quarter until the Blazers would tie it back up with a three from Devin Ward to tie the game up at 51 to 51 to end the third quarter.

The Blazers continued their lead into the fourth quarter and hit a three to take a 54 to 51 lead. The Rams would tie it up with a Michael Tomelloso basket with the score of 54 to 54. The Blazers immediately hit another shot to take back the lead 56 to 54, but this lead was short lived, as the Rams tied it up again with a Jeffrey Miner layup for a score of 56 to 56. Both teams hit free throws to make the tie 57 to 57, but the Rams Michael Tomelloso hit four free throws on two possessions and had the lead 61 to 57 in the closing minutes of the game.

The Blazers would pull within two points 59 to 61, but the Rams would hit one more free throw to open the lead 62 to 59 with just over a minute to go. The Blazers would then hit two free throws to close the lead to one, making it 62 to 61. The Rams with little time left would play hot potato with the ball until the Blazers fouled Michael Tomelloso with 9.8 seconds left. Michael Tomelloso would miss his first free throw, but then make his second to open the lead to 63 to 61. Though the Blazers had two timeouts left, they chose not to take one, and with 1.8 seconds left on the clock, Lindhurt’s Devin Ward hit a three to get the win 64 to 63.

The Rams were absolutely devastated after the Blazers hit the three, and were so disappointed that they lost the game because of the game winning three. The Rams really played with a lot of heart, and deserved to win this game, but just couldn’t get it done on Senior Night. The Rams are now 4-4 in league and 16-9 overall. Despite this loss the Rams still have a chance to get into the playoffs as long as they win the last two games of the year.

The Rams have to keep fighting. If they do, they still have a good chance to get into the post-season. The Rams might have thought they let down the Dixon fans, but they really didn’t because they did everything they could until the last second of the game. This last week is crucial for the Rams, especially if they want their season to continue after this Friday.