Scheduling presents challenges at DHS

Whether you can believe it or not, the school year is almost over for Dixon High School. For all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, now is the time for planning ahead for the 2012-13 school year. This means that these students will have to start picking their classes for next year, which requires some placement tests and organizing. However, scheduling at Dixon High has had multiple problems in the past.

If you ask a DHS student if they or their friends have had scheduling conflicts previously, they will most likely say yes. Due to the numerous number of students and the small number of counselors, schedules are likely going to get messed up somehow.

When you think about it, there are many classes at DHS. These classes range from your core classes, like math, to elective classes, like foods. Each of these classes need to be arranged in a reasonable order for students to be able to take the classes that they desire. For example, you should not have an AP Biology class at the same time as an Honors Pre-Calculus class, because students might want to take both of these. Seeing as there are so many students, it is very hard to make a master schedule based on all of their needs. The counselors do their best to achieve a decent and reasonable schedule to make the greatest amount of students as satisfied as possible.

There are many ways that schedules are considered to be “messed up” or “incorrect”. If a student recieves their schedule, the first thing that they usually look at is the periods that they have class. 0 period is the early period that starts at about 7:25, but not all students need or desire a 0 period. When they apply for their schedule, students number from 1-3 their desired scheduling times. You can either have a full schedule of a 0-6th period or partial schedules like 0-5th period or 1-6th period. Since seniors already have most of their credits by their senior year, they are allowed to have a 0-4th period, which means that they can get out at lunch. The timing of a student’s schedule can be one problem, for example, if they get a 0 period when they did not want one in the first place. This is also important for transportation, since the student might get rides at a certain time. If their schedule does not match with the time that they get to school, then they have no way of getting there.

Students also look at the classes that they get. If a student does not get a class that he or she wants or if they get an extra class added onto their schedule, then they will probably want to try and change it for what they originally wanted.

Kirstie Tully is a sophomore this year who has experienced bad schedules in her past. She thinks that the scheduling is kind of unorganized at DHS, because students usually have to change their schedules around and they can’t usually get into the classes that they want because it is already full. “Sophomore year I got a 0-6, and my sister got a 1-6,” she said. Since she gets rides with her sister to school, this was clearly a problem. She says that nobody helped her at all to try and get the problem fixed. “I think that my schedule will probably get messed up next year, and I have heard rumors about how the principal is trying to take away the zero period,” she said.

Hopefully the schedules will not be too messed up for Tully or any other students next year. Students have to try and be flexible with the counselors, because they are doing the best that they can.