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Presidential Candidate Ron Paul hosts UC Davis rally

Over 2,000 people crowded into UC Davis' Main Quad to here Texas Rep. Ron Paul speak

While the presidential campaign hasn’t really hit California yet like it has other states, the race to become the Republican presidential nominee hit pretty close to Dixon last Thursday. Republican presidential candidate and Texas Rep. Ron Paul held a massive rally at UC Davis in the main quad. Over 2,000 people pushed, shoved, and even climbed trees to hear the views of the 76-year-old.

The majority of the attendees appeared to be students from a variety of local universities. Students wearing Sac State, Solano College, American River College, Sacramento City College, and of course UC Davis sweatshirts were peppered throughout the crowd that included young families, senior citizens, and baby boomers.

Several Dixon High School students also attended the rally. “It was really great to get to see him speak in person, and I hope that it was as big a deal for everybody else as it was for me, ” says Junior Zach Creech.

Paul delivered his now typical rally speech knowing that he was speaking to a crowd of supporters. Several anti-paul detractors tried to derail the event by waiving signs with liberal phrases and wore KKK-style bed sheets, however the rally was large enough that it seemed to swallow and naturally force out those individuals.

Paul had held a rally the night before¬†at UC San Diego that attracted around 3500 people. Earlier that day, Mr. Paul held a fundraiser luncheon in Sacramento and raised a significant sum of money, making the day’s campaign well worth the trip to California.